Specialty Products

We produce and sell much more than thermal and bond paper Point of Sale (POS) rolls.

For decades we have been a reliable manufacturer supporting many industries with custom converted products. Some of the main categories of these products below

Engineering Rolls

We manufacture specialty inkjet rolls with allowing for a consistent crisp image. These rolls are used mainly in the engineering and architecture field but also for art supplies. These have varying widths and lengths and custom sizes are also possible.

Copy Paper

We are a large sellers of copier paper in Western Canada though our distribution network and carry a significant inventory ensuring availability and consistency in supply. This has come to be an excellent addon for our distributors being sold alongside business roll products being sold to end users at the same time. We carry both 92 and 98 bright in standard sizes of:

  • 8-1/2” x 11” (also in Recycled)
  • 8-1/2” x 14”
  • 11” x 17”

Table Covers

We produce table cover rolls using a high-grade bleached kraft paper. We produce these in standard width rolls of 36” wide and 100’ or 1,000’ lengths; custom sizes are also available.

Kraft Rolls

Whether used as art supplies, parcel wrap or pull-down menu material in wide format, we have several products to meet these and many more needs.


For sanitary reasons the dental industry uses tray covers for the trays dental tools are worked on for patient. We have been reliably manufacturing these tray covers in many stocked sizes for the dental industry.

Coin wrap

Where money is spent there is invariably change and this creates the needs for larger scale businesses, banking, and transit systems to roll large quantities of coin. We have the rolls necessary to work with high-capacity coin wrapping machines. We use a special paper with a high grip factor specifically for this purpose.

Library (Book Cover) Rolls

To maintain the longevity of books in a library, a book often need repair. We supply a rolled product in many sizes that works with book repair machines specifically for this purpose. Our products are used small and large public library systems in the repair process.

Silicone Parchment

Primarily for use in the food industry but in many others as well, we carry silicone parchment sheets. With these sheets we can sell them in whole or cut in rectangular and circles or other shapes if required with our die press. There are many standard stocked sizes available to ship next day.

Packing Tissue

We work to meet the needs of individual stores and resellers to national and international brands by stocking stock white and off-white sheets. With larger order quantities we have the capability of supplying any colour and patterned product as well including custom patterns.

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