Service Offerings

We make your supply chain more resilient through quality customized services and tailored stocking programs ensuring you have a quality product when you need it.

For over 50 years we have been working with customers to provide customized paper products. Leveraging our extensive experience and our dedication to quality, we provide many services to ensure each customer is able to utilize the paper supplies required in a timely manner. Combined with an extensive inventorying program we have and ability to meet ongoing stocking of diverse customized products for many large scale distributors of our products. Please contact us to discuss how we can leverage our abilities to assist you in meeting your paper supply needs.

Rewinding and Slitting

Often a product cannot be sourced in the ideal roll format and slitting, or rewinding is required. We have multiple slitters and rewinders able to assist in converting mill rolls to usable product. We have been reliably doing this for decades. Whether you require one mill roll or multiple truckloads converted we can help. If you need mill rolls converted, please reach to discuss how we can assist.

Die cutting and guillotine cutting

We have both die cutting and guillotine cutting capabilities in house. These services are utilized for those with sheeted products which need to be converted down to custom sizes. We utilize this equipment for inhouse manufactured products and as a service for many specialty end use products of pour service customers. We can cut most paper medias from board stock and sheeted paper to thin sheet parchment and tissue. Custom dies can be created to achieve nearly any job.


  • We provide custom printing options on many of our products. Most commonly this is done on the reverse side of receipt rolls.
  • The benefits of this are many for the end user and can include information such as: logo, brand messaging, return policy, warranty,disclaimer, contract, survey, and other information.
  • We provide customized services to add value to the final product for the end user.
  • Contact us to discuss how we can add value to a new or existing product for you.

Inventorying Programs

  • We work with our distributors to create custom stocking programs both for their own products and those of their end users. These products could be either printed or non-printed products.
  • We have successfully implemented stocking programs for single items and for up to 50 items. These programs are in place for some of the largest wholesalers and retailers in North America.
  • Each program is tailored to the needs of the distributor and end user ensuring a secure supply chain from the point of manufacture.
  • Working with custom paper in a stocking program ensures that the products you require are always available and ready to ship allowing for fluctuations in demand and supply chain challenges.

Should you have a service need that is not listed above please contact us as we may be able to assist you, call us today!



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