Environmental Commitment

We understand and care about our position in the supply chain and place in helping to secure a future for us all.

In manufacturing using renewal resources this is most apparent to companies like ours. Because of this we take extra care in ensuring that we are a responsible manufacturer of the products you rely upon.

Some of the things we do to ensure that we continually meet and exceed the needs of customers and end users include:

  • Having a rigorous supplier evaluation which incorporates environmental factors into purchasing decisions
  • Ensuring that all of the paper mills we purchase from, whether locally and globally, have environmental certifications including:
    • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
    • Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)
    • Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
  • We only purchase BPA-free and Phenol-free papers for our thermal supply
  • A stringent waste reduction program¬†
  • Ensuring all post-industrial waste from our production is recycled
  • Utilizing recycled content where feasible
  • Utilize a renewable energy source for our production processes (hydroelectric power)

One Tree Planted

Our commitment to the environment stretches far beyond our supply chain and operations. 

We have partnered with the One Tree Planted organization to plant trees around the globe ensuring forests are planted for tomorrow. In acknowledging our global impact, we plant globally, and some of the locations we have planted trees in include California, Haiti, and Uganda. These trees we have planted help to combat climate change, develop communities, and protect wildlife. We have a program with our EvoRoll products, where one tree is planted for every case sold. We also donate outside of this program as a part of our corporate social responsibility program.

We further donate outside of this program as a part of our corporate social responsibility program.

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